Monday, November 16, 2009

Great fun email written by Kim Harms--2009 Canyoneers Grand Canyon River Rafting passenger!

Dear Canyoneers,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank your staff for the wonderful week I spent at the Canyoneers Desert Aqua spa experience. I have to admit that the first day's early morning aerobic group stair stepping was a little much, but the terrific personal trainer, Matt, kept me motivated, and hydrated (he gives a mean deep tissue calf massage.)

The hot stone therapy the first night sent me headfirst into the sand, but 20 minutes or so in the Colorado whirlpool brought me right back.

I think my favorite treatment was the delightful neck and shoulder waterfall massage therapy. The daily roller coaster river rides were also a hit. My least favorite (but most valuable) treatment was the eight-hour full body hot sand microdermabrasion we experienced our last night. Do you know how much most spas charge for just an hour on the face? I bet the normal cost for 8 hours and full body would cover the cost of the entire week! What a bargain! My wrinkles are either gone, or filled in with sand.

I would like to compliment Amity on the new trendy makeup tips. Who knew that white was the new black, or red when it comes to eyeliner and lipstick.

Your professional entertainers, Drew and Brandon, regaled us with wonderful river stories, and made sure we followed only the wettest of routes when negotiating the rapids.

My compliments to your chefs. Every meal was a creative gourmet treat. My favorite example of river fusion food was fruit jelly frosting on top of nutter-butters, yum!

Never have I seen such large bathrooms. They were beautiful, and well appointed. Your designer was a decorating God!

Well, I have to stop here. Some of that sand in my wrinkles is now in my eye, and I have to go see the doctor to check out whether my toenail will ever grow back, and to make sure that my numerous cuts and bruises will heal! Is it normal to still be sore after two weeks?

Once again, thank you all for a great trip!

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  1. Hilarious!! She nailed it on the head. The trip was absolutely fantastic and I love the funny spin she put on it!