Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Canyoneers Guides Ready the Paddle Raft on the Training Trip

The Canyoneers river guides recently went on a training trip in Grand Canyon, starting with the put-in at Lees Ferry on April 1. The weather was all over the place: hot to start, but snow on the river on the last morning! As usual, our intrepid crew had to (and did) handle everything with amazing adeptness.

One of the highlights of the trip was the paddle raft that Cassie brought along. She conducted orientation on paddle boat technique during the scout of House Rock Rapid, then they ran it.

Pictured are, from left in the back row, Jake Snyder, Tom Myers, Heidi Moen, Cassie Micheli (standing), Cliff Ghiglieri, Rachel Moen, David Cassidy, Greg Reiff. (Click on photo for larger version)

Interest was high in the paddle raft because it's going to be along on our River History Special oar trip in August. Find out more about that trip on our News and Specials page.

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