Wednesday, April 27, 2011

River to Rim: Hiking the Bright Angel Trail

On April 4, Canyoneers river guides Greg Reiff, Tom Myers, Heidi Moen, and Cliff Ghiglieri, along with Reservations Assistant Steve Krieg, hiked out from the Colorado River at Pipe Creek (just below Phantom Ranch), up to the South Rim via the Bright Angel Trail.

The Bright Angel Trail is the one used by our river trip passengers that are doing a partial Canyon trip. For our Best of the Grand trips, they hike down the "BA" to the river, then do the lower two-thirds of Grand Canyon. Our Upper Grand passengers hike up the BA after two full days on the river.

Hiking up the Bright Angel Trail is quite strenuous, as it is 7.7 miles from the junction with the River Trail to the trailhead at the South Rim (9.6 miles from Phantom Ranch, including the River Trail). But more importantly, you will be climbing about 4,500 feet (1,360 meters) in elevation, in a hot desert canyon environment. All hikes are accompanied by our hiking guide, to inform the hikers how to stay as safe and comfortable as possible.

Our video of the hike was meant to show people what it is like, and how to do it properly. And, of course, to have fun!

The video is on our YouTube channel at:

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