Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Comments from the Week of June 12, 2011 River Trips

(Drawing by river passenger Ann Winnie. Thanks, Ann!)

"Thank you for taking such amazing care of us on our amazing adventure!" --Bill and Susan Winnie

"Great trip! Great guides and awesome people. Amazing experience. Better food than home!" --Melanie

"Thanks for a really fun trip! The food was great, too! Heidi and Brandon are awesome." --Ann

"It doesn't matter if it's good, it only matters if it rocks. You guys rocked my socks off!" --Rob Winnie

"Once-in-a-lifetime experience. I'll never forget my Grand Canyon trip. Awesome!" --Dan Igel

"It was a truly phenomenal experience, and if you ever get the chance to do it, don't pass it up!" --Jeremy Chen

"Truly once in this lifetime! It just got better and better. Staff is great!" --Marion Strong

"Trip was great. Crew was exceptional. Food was always well prepared. A trip of a lifetime." --Jim Reeves

"Great trip, great people, great vistas, great food, great crew. All good. Family memories forever. Thanks for taking such good care of us." --John Igel

"Wow, words can't describe everything seen. Kolby and Jake were terrific guides; knowledgeable and good humored. I'll be remembering the Canyon long after removing all the sand!" --Paul

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