Thursday, June 16, 2011

Manhattanite Turned Canyoneer

"What an incredible experience! More than I could ever have imagined. The crew was fabulous--fun, knowledgeable and so, so helpful. I went from a Manhattanite at the beginning of the week to sleeping under the stars and thinking it was the norm to pee in the river by the end of the week. (I don't really know that that last part is such a good thing). [It is--it's a National Park Service requirement, to keep the beaches from becoming fouled.]

I really can't thank Carolyn, Amity, Drew, and Tom [Jones] enough and will certainly recommend this trip to all of the families that I work with at St. James!"

--Vicki Hall, from the June 5, 2011 All the Grand 7-day  motorized river trip

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