Friday, July 8, 2011

"Stay Within the Soul of Me"

River guides Ethan Dyer and Tom Myers wade the Sandra to the boat trailer at the Pearce Ferry landing on the Colorado River for the return trip to Flagstaff at the end of the 14-day oar trip, June 28, 2011

So roll on and flow through me
Stay within the soul of me
Carry me through all of life to come...

"Thank you, Canyoneers, for always having a hand out at just the right moment. It was a privilege to be on a trip with the 'Sandra,' and Greg's morning readings enriched and entertained us all--and, of course, were so moving that I was often brought to tears. Each of our guides gave so much and worked so hard that the trip was a luxury for us. It will stay with me forever. Please be safe and live long and happy lives."

-- Chris McKinney, from the June 15 All the Grand 14-day oar trip

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