Friday, August 26, 2011

August 7, 2011 Geology Special - Passenger Comments

"Best river trip ever! Enjoyed it all, from Lees Ferry to Pearce Ferry. Thanks!" -- Bill Armstrong

"We had very high expectations for this trip, and with your skill and experience, you have exceeded every one of them! Great trip!" -- Joe and Patti Venuti

"Jake, Rachael, Carolyn, and Wayne gave me a wonderful experience that framed the river, the Canyon, and the people in the dynamic of history and life on this planet. They made the trip a lifetime experience." -- Bob Willcox

"Thanks for a spectacular trip, the river, the Canyon of course, but your experience, knowledge, and your caring nature have made it a real pleasure. I have enjoyed the stories and the laughs. I am beginning to understand your passion for the Canyon. I hope to see you soon, as I expect to return." -- Sharie

"Trip of a lifetime! Canyoneers and Wayne [Ranney] made it so. Your love and respect for the river and the Canyon has been transferred to me--thank you! Jake, Carolyn, and Rachael did spectacular work attending to detail while supporting and teaching us all. I loved this trip--I will be back. Big thanks!" -- Ruth Fitch

"I have had such a terrific time. Thanks for making the experience so special--stories and anecdotes were so vivid and transporting. I have Georgie [Clark White] flipping back a 'can 'o' Coors in my mind, and Powell's unpaid crew members' disgruntlement. Colton's talk of working to reintroduce/accommodate the Humpback chub, and Brian's incredible voice and presence were serendipitous convergences. Jake is a great reader of prose. Rachael is full of enthusiasm, information and patience, and Carolyn, thanks for answering all my questions. Hope to see you again." -- Robin Fitch

"What an outstanding trip from start to finish! I felt relaxed, entertained, educated, challenged, exhausted, and exuberant. Jake, Carolyn, and Rachael were an amazing team. They worked literally from dawn to dusk, caring for us, watching out for our well-being and were great cooks and story tellers. This was one of my best vacations ever, and will recommend it to everyone." -- Dan Otchy

"It was a Grand trip. What a wonderful mix of scenery, natural history, delicious food, geo fiction, breaking of inhibitions, story telling, velvet ants, bighorn sheep, shooting stars, moonlit valleys, bucket heads, and snacks. I've learned the layer mnemonics and may even be able to explain the Canyon's formation to a gullible listener. Thanks Jake, Carolyn, Rachael, and Wayne for a truly awesome, unforgettable experience." -- Jon 

"Thank you for guiding us through the raw beauty of the Canyon. Thanks for being such adept boatmen that we passengers could hurtle through the rapids with as much confident glee as if they were a Disney ride (only much much more fun of course). And thanks for showing us magical side canyons and telling stories that made the Canyon's history come alive. Thanks for hot coffee in the morning and most excellent dinners at night--and always, thanks for all the snacks!!" -- Jennifer Fewell

"Carolyn, Jake, and Rachael, you are the A Team! I have never seen a team work so hard at anything. Thank you for making every aspect enjoyable, safe, and exciting. The rapids were great and all three of you are seriously excellent boatmen, but Jake you were an awesome leader and decision maker.  Thanks for the great food, the wonderful camping and the excellent stories! If you remember me it will undoubtedly be for the shoes--than you for the duct tape! I feel the trip has really made me come alive again in many ways, and you guys were a big enabler of that renewal. Wishing you all the best, thanks, David"

"Thank you for a great trip down the river. It was special. Wayne Ranney developed the picture of geology to living color. The crew was great, each special in their own way. You have a great system for doing the river. Thanks for making the natural a spiritual experience." -- Tom Strand

"In Hebrew there's a word, dayenu, which means 'it would have been enough'. So,
If we only had great (!!) meals and snacks, Dayenu
If we only had the boat that hugged the waves like a caterpiller, Dayenu
If we only had the Georgie story, or the groover stories, or the Powell readings, Dayenu
If we only had three highly experienced, nice, fun, interesting, friendly, and sincere guides, Dayenu
But we had it all, and the beauty of the Canyon and the camaraderie of our tripmates.
So all in all a time to remember. Thank you." -- Margie Green

"The food and selected campsites were wonderful. Amazing how you can do it so efficiently. I truly appreciated all of the special considerations as have not been my usual nimble self. The education by Wayne Ranney was invaluable! Very very impressive. I totally understand the passion and love of the canyon and all those who are dedicated to learning more and the repeat experience. Thank you all very much! It has been the highlight of my travels." -- Ann Bullwinkel

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