Monday, August 1, 2011

July 14-26, 2011 Oar Trip Comments

Cliff Ghiglieri and Amity Collins at the Diamond Creek take-out
I'm old and gray
And my bones creak
And I say to myself
What a wonderful trip
And I say to myself
What a wonderful world!!!
Thanks a lot for all your help
--Bob Eckhardt

"I've done amazing things in my life, but have to say this one was absolutely memorable. 'The River' is a metaphor for life--just go with the flow and see what creation brings you! Thank you to all for taking such great care. Our new grandbaby's name is Crew (boy or girl). Seems rather fitting [to be named after the Canyoneers river crew]!" --Deb Riise

"Ditto; ain't she something. Life's journey gives us so many gifts--just so long as we listen, feel, engage, account and give back. Thank you for the gifts." --Phil Riise

Every rapid became more awesome
Every day was filled with new adventure
Every hour, every turn added new excitement
The Canyoneers staff was always positive and upbeat
The Sandra only made the experience more unbelievable
Thirteen days of heaven in AZ

Thanks for everything. --Charlie Frazier

"30 years of waiting and well worth it--chose the right company/guides for sure. Wonderful trip, food, etc. Trip of a lifetime. Thanks." --Leitha Steed

Beavertail prickly pear cactus fruits at Diamond Creek.
"It's been nearly 7 years since I've been in the Grand Canyon, and I must say that this was a tremendous welcome back party! You guys are awesome in so many ways its hard to think of them all. Master boatmen, master chefs, master storytellers, and master wilderness explorers. As a graduation trip, I couldn't be more satisfied with my experiences. This is something I shall never forget. Thanks Canyoneers! P.S. OMG I'm in the GC, LOL!" --Alex Shen

"Fantastic trip! My wife and I enjoyed it immensely! Great crew! Find food, hikes, scenery, excellent rapids. I'll always remember Lava Falls in the Sandra! Thank you sooo much." --Clint and Leitha Steed

"This is the most wonderful trip I have ever had in my life. It included wonderful views and people. I am so thankful to all the Canyoneers staff, because they made this trip perfect. I'd especially like to thank Greg [Reiff], who offered everyone a great experience in his Sandra boat, which was one excellent boating experience, and I hope the boat will be continuously offered to all passengers. I surely will recommend to my come on this trip next year. Thank you John [Crowley], Trip Leader, for leading us to all the unique and fantastic hikes. I will never forget the trip. I will have to use my native language [Chinese] here [Thanks to your boat team]. Goodbye, Canyoneers and Sandra. I will see you again!" --Linda Shen

Isaac Sullivan-Leshin and Tom Jones
"Thank you for making this rafting/camping trip possible. I had a wonderful time on the river and on the hikes. This trip was really worth hiking 8 miles down into the Grand Canyon. Everything here was fantastic. The food, the rafting, the view; and the guitar songs were amazing. I would also like to thank Greg 'Greiff' for letting me fisheye on the Sandra. Thank you Canyoneers crew!" --Brenda Shen

"Great trip. Great people. Great experience! I'm hooked on the Sandra with its history, beauty and great ride. By the time you read this, you will have my reservation in for my fourth trip next year. Can't wait." --Bob Wyatt

"To say I had a good time would be the grossest understatement. I don't know if I could put enough superlatives on this page.

It was a religious experience seeing and experiencing the Canyon from the river. I've been here seven times previously, but never on the water before.

The heart of this trip is surely the people of Canyoneers who extended themselves way beyond the mere performance of their jobs. They wanted to be sure we all left the river and Canyon loving it as much as they do. I also greatly enjoyed the quietness of the oars. They much enhanced the message of the Canyon, the leaving behind of the clutter and noise of civilization and the spirit of adventure. Thank you for making this possible. I'll be back." --John Kastner

Greg Reiff and Bob Wyatt get the Sandra ready for the ride home.
"We had a great time. Everybody at Canyoneers was great. Of course, we loved the rafting but the explanations of the geology, history, and native plants and wildlife was excellent. We liked the hikes so much that we might take it up as a hobby! Boating on the Sandra was like being part of the history--plus it was very fun. The food exceeded expectations by a mile--very tasty. Thanks for some great memories." --Tony and Pam Crawford

"Had a fantastic time! Exceeded every expectation I had! The staff's knowledge and professionalism was the biggest asset on the trip. The Canyon knowledge and introduction to Val and I was not only necessary but made us want to come back for the lower Canyon.

The day on the Sandra was so enjoyable and educational. What a special part of the trip...peaceful, relaxing, and fun. John [Crowley] and staff were awesome! We will be booking the lower half shortly!" --Russ and Val Schumacher

Ocotillo leafed out, Diamond Creek
"It is with sadness that our vacation is ending tomorrow. We have had the most amazing time on our trip on the Upper Grand. All of the guides have been outstanding. The food has been yummy and the whole experience has been top notch. We will depart with great memories and much regret that we can't do the whole 13 days.

While I hesitate to single anyone out since all the staff has been great, I would like to highlight our tour leader, John Crowley, and Greg Reiff. John is clearly a top notch professional and gave us all a lot of confidence that we would have fun and be safe.

Greg and my day on the Sandra was the highlight of the trip. Greg showed great enthusiasm for the history and was super knowledgeable. My ride on the Sandra was insane. It will be something I will share with all my friends. We will be back!" --Derrick Oien

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