Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 6, 2012 River Trip Comments - Upper Grand/Best of the Grand

The crew was: Brandon Green (Trip Leader), Kolby Kvam (Pilot), Jason Schaller (guide), and Dave Cassidy (Hike-in/hike-out guide).

"Dear Canyoneers, I recently returned from a 5 day trip on the Colorado River. Brandon Green was the trip leader and pilot along with Kolby and Jason. I recently retired from the hospitality industry having worked as a ski instructor and lodging manager for 35 years.

Brandon was outstanding not only as a pilot but also in the way he handled the guests' needs, feeding us excellent meals and telling stories about the history of the canyon and river rafting. You are lucky to have him working for you. Kolby was extremely well versed on the geology of the canyon. Jason worked hard as a rookie and we teased him about his big responsibility, the Duke [port-a-potty].

The people on the trip averaged 60-70 years in age, not the easiest group to keep happy. They all raved about the trip on the way back from the river. Please give my regards to the crew. I look forward to rafting with Brandon again." -- Keith Skytta

"My wife and I have participated in 'adventure' travel for the past 30 years and consider the raft trip as one of the best experiences. Our recent trip with Canyoneers far exceeded our expectations and will provide great memories for years to come.

Our first direct contact with your staff was, of course, Dave Cassidy. We realized early on that we were in good hands and would have a fine trip. Having backpacked in the canyon a number of times, we thought a guide down the Bright Angel Trail was unnecessary. However, Dave made the hike interesting with his knowledge of the geology. Additionally, we experienced some minor health problems and he was helpful and very considerate.

The boat skills of Brandon, Kolby and Jason, their culinary back-country artistry and their primar concern for our safety (and sanitation) were remarkable. Brandon's colorful and well-timed anecdotes of former canyon characters was a highlight of the trip.

We have already recommended the trip to our son and some friends and have given them the crew members' names so when they make reservations they might request the same team. [Note: whomever is the trip leader and crew, they always think they're the best of all. High praise for our river guides]

Thanks for a fine ride." -- Bob and MJ Cadieux

"Great trip, beautiful sights, great food, great friends. Was really impressed with the crew. David on the way down [hiking down on the Bright Angel Trail] was great! Brandon, Kolby and Jason made a really good team. Very knowledgeable about the canyon and river. Very friendly, made you feel very relaxed but also safe. Most important--great cooks." -- Teeter Johnson

"Was a great vacation, David our guide on the hike down was great. The trip was more than fun, it was a great experience. Brandon, Kolby, and Jason all were great, very friendly. The crew actually made the trip. Thanks for everything." -- Adam Johnson

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