Thursday, May 3, 2012

Passenger Comments - April 22-28, 2012 All the Grand River Trip

The crew was Brandon Green (Trip Leader), Jamie Townsend, and Drew Houser.

"My second trip with Canyoneers: 1988 and 2012. You run a first class operation--my three sons and I along with 11 of their friends and business associates thank you for a special week--memories, memories, memories." -- Dick Neal

"Great trip! Boatmen were first class, food was great, camps were scenic. Didn't want to leave. Thanks for all the hard work!" -- Ron and Debbie Kaiser

"Great week, great crew. Canyoneers is the only way I will raft the Canyon. Thanks for an outstanding trip!" -- Chuck Tautfest

"Great trip, weather, crew and fun. Most relaxing, easygoing trip I have ever been on. It was truly peaceful and serene. I have never been on a trip that everyone got along so well. I look forward to bringing my family next time." -- Keith Trzecki

"I had been surfing for many years looking for an outfitter for a Grand Canyon trip knowing the outcome of the trip was largely in control of the outfitter. I cannot be more pleased with the performance of the guides on the trip. Well done. The food was good and the campsites were appropriate...To my new and old friends on this trip 'Cheers'. It was a hell of a ride." -- Bradley Dean

"Outstanding trip and a great group of people. I will definitely be doing this again with my family. Brandon, Jamie, and Drew did a great job and kept us entertained." -- Steve Carroll

"This trip was a great thrill. I'll never forget Hance, Crystal, and Lava Falls rapids. We were blessed to have three experienced and terrific guides. They were entertaining, resourceful, good cooks, and made everything look easy." -- Craig Wessels

"Didn't know what to expect heading in as this was my first trip to see the Grand Canyon. What a way to see it! Had a fantastic time! Drew, Brandon, and Jamie did an outstanding job." -- Chance Montgomery

"I rode through the Grand Canyon with Canyoneers back in 1988. This trip was the 'Advance Team' prior to a family trip in 2016. What a great trip with friends and co-workers. Brandon is a top-shelf Captain--he made it look easy. Drew and Jamie were just as capable and the three of them worked well together. Thanks for the memories and see you again in a few years." -- Charles Neal

"First let me say thanks to 'White Lightning' [the boat], the ole girl held strong in some tough seas. Then let me say thanks to the crew! Brandon, Jamie, and Drew are 'world class' boatmen; never once did I feel we were close to [having a rapid or rock named after us]. To new friends, old friends, and especially my family, we made memories and told stories that I will never forget. Canyoneers is the best. See you in 2016!" -- Richard Neal

"What an awesome week we had. Drew, Jamie, and Brandon first and foremost kept us safe, while providing a first class, professionally run river trip. Plenty of fun, spectacular hikes through the side canyons, creeks, and rivers. Had great food to boot. I can't wait to come again and bring the rest of my family." -- Jim Stegeman

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