Monday, May 14, 2012

Passenger Comments - April 28-May 7, 2012 All the Grand River trip

The crew was Carolyn Alvord (Trip Leader), Amity Collins (Pilot), and Tom Jones (Guide).

"One of the coolest trips of my life, in big part to an awesome crew! Loved every minute and will definitely be back! Thanks for a kick-ass time and life-long memories!" -- Ian Yungman

"This trip has been absolutely amazing. It has changed my idea of the Canyon in ways I can't believe. The guides have been super knowledgeable, helpful, and even courteous. Would love to do it again. Thanks for everything!" -- Dirk Dye

At Redwall Canyon, Upper Grand (click on pic for larger version)
"All the Grand was all that and a bag of chips, or peanut butter M&Ms, or any of the great snacks that were provided for us every day! The guides were wonderful and extremely knowledgeable abou the Canyon and its history. The food was epic and so were the rapids! We were blessed with amazing weather, which made the trip that much more memorable. Thanks so much and I hope to do the trip again someday." -- Skylar Feltman

"What makes 'All the Grand' an exceptional trip/experience? That's easy--the crew! It wouldn't matter what trip you're on--if it wasn't fr a good crew it could be miserable. The good: they were knowledgeable, friendly, and inclusive. The bad: NONE." -- Rud Kipling

"Canyoneers 'All the Grand' April 2012: one of the Top 10 trips of my life, and I ain't no spring chicken. Caroline, Amity and Tom were an amazing crew. Friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and unbelievably helpful. Thank you for all your wisdom and stories." -- Tres Feltman

"The Grand Canyon is awesome in itself, and the crew made this river trip exceptionally awesome. They were always professional, very helpful and made you feel special. I fee very lucky to have been a part of very special people. Their knowledge of the canyon was impressive. Carolyn is a great storyteller!" -- Joan Valentine

"My Grand Canyon Adventure is ending, but this trip will stay with me forever. Great crew, great mates, great food!! The stories we heard were exciting, some heartbreaking! I plan to read more about this special place. And recommend this trip to everyone!" -- Candace (Candy) Murr

"My first time 'in' the Grand Canyon and it was amazing!! Everything was great! The weather, the food, the stories and the crew were a perfect mix. The people were a good meld and we all got along because we were all having such a good time. Thank you." -- John Kimmel

"Carolyn, Amity, Tom, you really MADE this trip. You guys are amazingly hard and steadfast workers, great cooks, knowledgeable guides and very easy to get along with. The canyon itself put me into sensory overload with its sheer natural majesty, but your stories and running commentaries filled in the whole picture. Thanks and I'll try to be back next year with my daughter." -- Jim Dye

"I wish I had made the trip earlier in life but I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the 19 other passengers and crew because they would have been mere kids. I enjoyed the camaraderie with all co-canyoneers and would be delighted if we were to get together again." -- Glen Shipley

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