Thursday, May 24, 2012

River Trip Comments - May 13-19, 2012

The crew consisted of Carolyn Alvord (Trip Leader), Amity Collins (Pilot), Tom Jones (Guide), Cliff Ghiglieri (guide), and Dave Cassidy (Hike In/Hike Out Guide).

"Great trip--beautiful landscape, fun time. Thanks to the Canyoneers crew for their service and hospitality and food. I will have to explain to my wife when I get back how I gained weight on a hiking and camping trip. Thanks again." -- Grayson Brewer
"Oh my gosh what a trip! Thank you thank you thank you for showing us the Grand Canyon! I still can't quite take it all in. Really and truly an incredible experience." -- Lucy Frick
"So grateful for our outstanding guides!! I've had one of the best weeks of my life--the rapids, waterfalls, the food!! (especially the M and M/pretzel combo...)...boat conversations...thank you!!!" -- Marian Frick
Colorado River and Marble Canyon (Upper Grand) [click on photo for larger version]
"This trip was something we never could have imagined even with prior literature and books on the Grand Canyon. It was fabulous!! Such a rare opportunity to really enjoy a beautiful place and great people (although sometimes we joked that we felt like we were on 'Survivor'). Wonderful guides--really made the trip. Thank you, thank you!" -- Laurie and Mike Lohr
"I've never done anything quite like this before and I doubt I will ever do something quite like this again. Amazing sights, amazing new friends, amazing food!" -- Willy Frick
"THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! This has been an incredible trip! Different from anything that we've ever done or will do again! I can't imagine a better way to see the canyon. Thank you for the wonderful food, stories, and history. I hope we'll be back!" -- Megan and Carlton Wilson
"Truly and genuinely, a trip of a lifetime. We will never, ever forget it. I think if our four guides could have heard all the wonderful things we said about them and how beautifully they managed us and the trip, they would blush! RAVE REVIEWS." -- Fred and Elizabeth Frick
"This was our dream trip and we were told by friends this trip was life changing. They were so right. God's hand is everywhere. The beauty of the canyon is beyond my expectations. So very nice to place home-life behind for a week and reflect on what is truly important in life. Made some wonderful new friends. Everyone had such great attitudes. We are so very grateful to the staff for all you do. We were blown away by how very hard you all work." -- Mike and Margie Wright
"The whole trip was inspiring. Your kindness and consideration was truly a gift. thank you." -- Harlan Butt
"Dear friends, Canyoneers and fellow passengers,
Our bucket list recently became shorter because we fulfilled our dream of rafting the Grand Canyon. Our friends recommended this trip and we're not exaggerating: It is a lifechanging week. This cancer survivor is very happy to be able to partake in this memorable journey. Thank you all for everything!! 
With deep gratitude from a 'little bit up the Colorado River,' from Grand Junction, Colorado." -- Gabriele Mayer-Hunke and Kyle Hunke
"This trip for me was all I hoped for and more. When I made the trip in 2004 with my beloved Blaine, I thought it would be a once in a lifetime experience, but have treasured making the journey again, with daughter Chris. I'm already looking forward to a third in a few more years with granddaughter Kestra and daughter Lynda. It defies words what it's like to be part of this canyon, awe-full and deeply inspiring. I'm so grateful to our four crew members, who are fabulous! What a privilege for all of us to be able to do this!!" -- Lorrie Peterson
"One thing that makes this trip so awesome is it gives us all an opportunity to be more full human--away from the stress and complication of 'modern life,' we are connected to one another, attending to our basic needs, connected with nature and the elements, present in the moment. Our problems, triumphs and joys are not complicated, but they are so real. THANK YOU FOR THIS!! You Canyoneers may not make much money or have many people esteem or even understand your job, but never forget that what you do is noble, extremely important, powerful and profound.
To most people, Grand Canyon is just a big, pretty hole. But down here on the river you show us that it's a living entity. It becomes deeply personal. We fall in love, and are changed forever. I, for one, am going to let it change me and hold onto the change as much as possible, as long as possible, and will see you again. 
Never forget, and Thank You!" -- Chrisophia
"Dear Carolyn, Amity, Tom, and 'Cliff-hanger',
What a wonderful experience to travel down this wonderful 'Grand Colorado River'. Thank you for sharing the stories of this canyon--of those who came before us. Thank you for sharing your stories too! We have all shared something special. Beautiful, majestic, inspiring. Even the 'Duke' has its own charm! Love the snacks; cooking was great. We'll never forget; thanks for the memories.
It was all perfect. Love and Peace." -- Pieter and Annie

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