Monday, May 28, 2012

River Trip Comments: May 20/21, 2012 All the Grand, Upper Grand, and Best of the Grand

Hiking in to the famous blue waters of Havasu Creek (click on image for larger version)
The crew consisted of: Brandon Green (Trip Leader), Drew Houser (Pilot), Kolby Kvam (Guide), Ethan Dyer (Guide), and Dave Cassidy (Hike In/Hike Out Guide).

"We've dreamed of this trip for many years and it's been all that we dreamed of and more! Thanks to your professionalism, your love of your jobs, your humour, great cooking skills, and super people skills, you've made this trip superb for our whole family! Thank you so much Brandon, Ethan, Kolby, and Drew! We will always fondly remember our fabulous week in the canyon with you! And many thanks to David for a great start to our trip!" -- Cathy, Jerry, Foster, and Alison Rose 
"I have dreamed of doing this trip since being introduced to the Canyon 50 years ago! Yes, I'm that old! :) And you all plus the incredible place made it well worth the wait. Thank you for your knowledge, patience, and especially HUMOR! I have memories for a lifetime and will return with husband and son." -- Kate Waetje

"The stunning vistas of the Canyon were surpassed only by the knowledge, friendliness, and humour of the crew. This trip was a thrill for us -- an adventure of a lifetime -- and for sure made a huge impression on our three boys. To the crew, Ethan, Drew, Kolby, and Captain 'Billy' [Brandon] a big thanks. Thank you, too to David Cassidy for his knowledge and patience!" -- The Angers

"The scenery was spectacular, but the crew really made the trip enjoyable. I think you could sit in the back of a pickup truck for a week and still be entertained nonstop by these guys. Their knowledge, ability, and enthusiasm is a credit to them and Canyoneers." -- Jim Morrow

"This was truly a trip of a lifetime. The trip was very well organized, the boats were GREAT! Brandon, Drew, Kolby, and Ethan are truly credits to Canyoneers -- they have the perfect blend of professionalism and personality. They are organized, efficient, and extremely helpful -- we felt at home immediately. Great job!" -- Daryl Martin

"This was an amazing and very organized trip! I think we had professional chefs, comedians, and knowledgeable guides as river guides. I think I was taken to Pluto, also known as the Little Colorado River and Havasu Canyon -- they were amazing. I would recommend this trip to anyone and everyone. Thank you, guys!" -- Lucy Martin

"Thank you for a wonderful experience. We waited years and saved for a long time to do this and we were not disappointed! You guys were great. The systems for every aspect of the trip are so efficient and well run. The crew was very informative and entertaining and fun! This really was a trip of a lifetime. Magnificent. Thank you." -- Renae Rosencrans

"You guys ROCK!!! The entire trip was awesome and truly a trip of a lifetime. The information you provided, along with your friendship, will never be forgotten. The food was absolutely the best!!! Totally unexpected, over the top! Best wishes to ALL of you and happy rafting -- woo hoo!" -- Ken and Shirley Patterson

"Thanks for the trip of a lifetime. It is the best way to celebrate a 50th birthday. The food was great!!! Your knowledge of the Canyon was awesome, or you guys are great bullshi.... I will recommend this company to others. Thanks again." -- Bill and Trudy Rawlings

"So glad we had this experience -- thrills, adventure, education, relaxation, double rations :) for 7 wonderful days. I feel refreshed and renewed. I've always loved the Canyon; now we have more reasons to love her more fully! Thanks for enriching 7 full days of our lives. You all are very good at what you do, you love it obviously, and we all benefitted because of your passion and dedication. Best to you all!" -- Lynn and Chris from Show Low (right front on the boat!!)

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