Thursday, June 14, 2012

River Trip Comments - June 3/4, 2012 Grand Canyon

Breaking camp after breakfast, the Granite Gorge

The crew: Jacob Snyder (Trip Leader), Jamie Townsend (Pilot), Kolby Kvam (Guide), Ethan Dyer (Guide), David Cassidy (Hike In/Hike Out Guide)

"A dream vacation -- thanks to the great crew and great folks. Never thought I would see Grand Canyon from the bottom up. Loved every minute. Super! Perfect 50th celebration!!!" -- Phyllis H.

"Canyoneers are the best. Didn't know I would learn so much and hear so much b.s. all on the same trip! Seriously, all four of you guys were great and made the trip what it was." -- Don H.

"The very best all around adventure I have ever ever experienced. Everything and everyone were perfect. I can hardly wait to send our son and his wife down the river for their 25th wedding anniversary with the same crew, the same company -- and same weather!" -- Paula P.

"I was most impressed with how accommodating the "River Rats" were. Anything that was asked for they promptly produced for us. The trip was even better than I had anticipated. Great medical care, delicious meals and such a positive attitude. I loved their stories of the river and former river pioneers." -- Lynn P.

"I was afraid this trip wouldn't live up to my memory of my first trip. It far surpassed it! Everyone was wonderful. Thanks so much." -- Ellie F.

"This was an amazing trip. A great deal of its greatness was due to our amazing guides. I was on the boat with Jake and Kolby mostly, but there was never a dull moment. Jake and Kolby really made sure that everyone was in top shape.

"Best birthday present ever! I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon so to be able to see and hike and swim was wonderful. Short hikes, but each was a real treat." -- Giulia N.

"Seven months ago, I quit my cush corporate job to finally do what I've been wanting to do the last eight years: write a novel and raft down the Canyon. For all the fears and anxiety I encountered, it was all worth it to experience the trip with the people who chose the same adventure. Big thank you to all the river guides and David Cassidy for their help and making the last five days an epic retreat!" -- Lolita G. 

"Over 20 years ago at Lees Ferry, our father told us that 'One day, I'm gonna take you boys rafting through the Grand Canyon'. And finally about a year ago, the plan was put into action. My Dad researched for weeks planning out the trip....

Now, on our last day with the Canyoneers, I am ecstatic with the good times we've had, and the people that we've met. I give credit to the boatmen we've had: Ethan, Kolby, Jamie, and Jake. They're a great team who have treated us with the utmost respect. Their knowledge of the Grand Canyon that they've shared, their sense of humor, and their cooking ability have made this one of the best vacations to date. Thank you Canyoneers and the best boatmen around for providing us with such a great time." -- David B.

"The Grand Canyon has been something very special to my Dad, Paul, and through his love of the Canyon I have grown to love it as well. This trip, as we conclude it going down river for the last time, has been especially meaningful. I feel it may be the last trip my Dad makes to the bottom of the Canyon. I want to thank Canyoneers, but especially Jamie, Jake, Ethan, and Kolby, for making this the most memorable trip we have done in the Canyon.

I will continue to return to this majestic place with my family, hoping that my two young sons can have the experiences I have been so fortunate to have had. I cannot express my gratitude enough, so I will say again as I have so many times on this trip: Thank you." -- Andy B.

"My 'boys' have grown into fine men with families of their own. At age 51 I convinced them to hike to Phantom Ranch and camp -- descending the Kaibab Trail and returning via the Bright Angel Trail. At age 60 we celebrated my 60th birthday at Havasu Falls, on the cusp of this magnificent creation. Fulfilling the promise I made at Lees Ferry over 20 years ago to raft the Grand Canyon is now complete. I've a much greater respect for this geological wonder. I've really enjoyed this experience with Canyoneers and a great appreciation for the skills possessed by the pilots, Jamie and Jacob. Kolby and Ethan were outstanding, too, in their care for all participants. Jamie's mischievous jokes were an added treat to the knowledge he shared." -- Paul B.

"A fantastic river adventure. The amazing scenery was matched by the friendly and professional crew: Jake, Jamie, Kolby, and Ethan. We became part of the river family over the course of our trip. Thanks for a great ride!" -- Bob C. and Lu Ann B.

"We had the best time of our lives. Thank you to the crew -- we appreciate your knowledge, passion, cooking skills, and of course -- sense of humor. I am so glad Jonathan's first National Park experience was in the Grand Canyon. Take care of the park and the river for future generations." -- Tova S.

The days of our trip were just a moment in time
Like the layers of the Canyon, stacked line by line.

We survived Bright Angel Trail and boarded our boat
To start our adventure that was so much more than a float.

Jake told stories each day
And serenaded us along the way.

Kolby took care of us when we put to shore
Cooking, doctoring, hikes and more.

Jamie told many stories to all the group
Including the legend of the 'Purple Poop'!

Ethan read to us from a book
And was in charge of taking care of the 'Duke'.

The trip was sublime, and we'll never forget it
And will we tell our friends? You can definitely bet it!!

-- Vicki and Frank K. (Mr. and Mrs. Scorpion King)

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