Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Passenger Comments - May 27/28, 2012 Grand Canyon River Trip

Rafting in Upper Grand Canyon, Colorado River (click on photo for larger version)
"Thank you for a wonderful, beautiful adventure! Deer Creek Falls made every part of the trip worth it. The guides were great and very accommodating. This was my first REAL camping trip. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. I am excited to share my pictures!" -- Amber and Doug D.

"I had an incredible time! Carolyn and crew are the best and represent Canyoneers to the highest standard. I can't imagine better guides to run the river. If given the opportunity to do this again, I will most certainly want Carolyn to lead the way. Thanks for a great experience!" -- Dave Clifton

"This was definitely the trip of a lifetime. I enjoyed every aspect -- the interpretations and stories from the guides especially. The guides made desert rookies comfortable and were extremely helpful all along. Carolyn and Amity rock!" -- Faith B. and Tim L.

"Outstanding trip! Carolyn did a great job leading the team and scheduling lots of side hikes! I came through the 7 day All the Grand with Canyoneers in 2007 and I would definitely prefer Canyoneers in the future." -- Chuck Wanebo

"Between the incredible views, hikes, stories, and people, this trip was an unbelievable experience! There was never a dull or boring moment but we still had plenty of time to relax. This is a trip I will definitely recommend to friends and family who are looking for an exciting way to spend their week. Thanks!" -- Alex W.

"This trip has been profoundly amazing. A truly remarkable place. But what made the trip as close to perfect as possible was the crew. Carolyn, Amity, Tom, and Jason impressed us with their knowledge and professionalism, but more importantly their kindness, humor, and concern for all on the trip. It's clear they love this place and their jobs and that made this trip even more incredible for us. Thank you for one hell of a week!" -- The Zongkers

"For 50-plus years this trip has been on my bucket list! It was definitely worth the wait! The Canyon has a grandeur and beauty of its own, but the staff made the trip soooo enjoyable and easy! Carolyn is the 'gem of the canyon' -- a great boatman, guide, storyteller and all. Tom, Jason and Amity are lucky to have her to mentor them. Great food! Orientation and all at Flagstaff went well." -- Paul L.

"Fantastic float trip experience -- our first experience in/with the Grand Canyon -- would recommend the trip to any/everyone. Great interpretation and storytelling from the crew. Looking forward to bringing our kids down the Canyon someday. Accommodations/food/service were fantastic -- thanks." Jim R.

"This was one of the most amazing '5 star' vacations I have had the pleasure to experience. Will never forget all the wonderful places we saw/hiked/camped at! Thank you Carolyn, Jason, Amity, and Tom." -- Nita R. 

This post was contributed by Steve Krieg.

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