Tuesday, June 26, 2012

River Trip Comments: All the Grand Geology Special, June 10, 2012

"Fluted" rock formation, Inner Gorge (click on photo for larger version)
The crew were: Carolyn Alvord (Trip Leader), Amity Collins (Pilot), Tom Jones (Guide), Paul McCloskey (Guide). Geologist: Wayne Ranney.

"We had a great time. The trip far exceeded our expectations, which were high. Excellent job by the guides. Everything went smoothly, as they did a good job of explaining everything beforehand. Also enjoyed having Wayne to detail what we were seeing and give it an overall context. Will definitely talk it up and will return again some day." -- Chris and Bette

"OMG!! What a great trip. The organization and care by the crew was special; entertaining and very skilled. The geology talks added depth to the canyon experience. Meals were fantastic and ample. The only problem was, Amity's raft needs better water guns, as we were totally overwhelmed in the water gun fight. Thanks for the experience of a life time." -- Arla

"Absolute great time! Loved having a geologist along; that's what drew us to this company. Having Wayne with us made the trip so much more interesting. The crew were fantastic and we were so lucky to have the crew members we got!" -- Jeff N.

"This crew is fantastic! Carolyn, Amity, Tom, and Paul, if you're reading this, you made this trip so special. I will never, ever forget how hard you worked for our benefit. You're entertaining, knowledgeable, skilled, and perpetually cheerful. Thank you, thank you, and thankful to be a passenger on your boat. Also, Wayne added so much geological information to enhance the experience." -- Kriss N.

"Jim and I agree that this week was the best, most unique vacation week we've ever had! Our good fortune was signing up for the trip Wayne was on! The geologic experience was truly amazing. Not only was he an encyclopedia of information, but he's a wonderful speaker and entertainer! 

Our other good fortune was having Carolyn and her crew for the week. Someone had told us before the trip began that if we had Carolyn, it would be fantastic, and they were right! What a storyteller! She and Amity and Paul and Tom anticipated our every need and were professional to the 'nth' degree. They were all wonderful entertainers and educators. 

We will never forget this trip! Thank you for the opportunity, Canyoneers!" -- Leslie and Jim

"What a fantastic journey for a geologist! Wayne is a great teacher and makes understandable to the layman and women who were on the trip the fantastic geology of the Grand Canyon. The rafting was fantastic. Carolyn and Amity and their boatmen, bros Paul and Tom, were amazing both on the rapids and at each camp." -- Dale C. 

"What a trip! It exceeded all expectations. The crew, the company, the sights, the food, and the ride were each exceptional.

Michael came down on a Canyoneers trip 28 years ago, after watching a National Geographic program on PBS that rode with the outfitter. 28 years ago, he said it was a trip of a lifetime. He passed forward the gift to his two daughters Natalie and Lauren this trip as a toast to Lauren's recent college graduation. 

In his words, the views were just as spectacular, the food even better than he remembered, and the crew just as exceptional. The geological education enhanced our experiences tremendously. Our favorite aspect of the trip was the side trips to waterfalls and geological points of interest. Thank you to Wayne, Carolyn, Amity, Paul, and Tom for another trip of a lifetime.

Natalie and Lauren intend to play it forward as their father did for them, as the Grand Canyon is best experienced together." -- Michael, Natalie, and Lauren H.

This post was contributed by Steve Krieg.

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