Friday, July 13, 2012

River Trip Comments, July 1 and 2, 2012 All the Grand, Upper Grand and Best of the Grand with Phantom Ranch

The Colorado River at Lees Ferry, where all Grand Canyon boats put in to the river
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The crew were: Jake Snyder (Trip Leader), Jamie Townsend (Pilot), Kolby Kvam (Guide), Ethan Dyer (Guide), and David Cassidy (Hike In/Hike Out Guide).

"Really great trip. I didn't think I would enjoy this trip, but I loved it! The guides were what made it fun, and the side hikes were great as well. Thank you, guides; you're awesome." -- Maria, age 14

"The trip was well planned. Your crew really did excel. I could ask for nothing better. The boats were far better than those I saw on the river. The crew were very professional and kind of humorous. I would highly recommend Canyoneers to anyone. Thanks for the wonderful time." -- Larry H. 

"What a great trip! The guides were excellent. They were very professional yet were still able to have fun and it made the trip more enjoyable for all of us. I was also impressed with all of the planning that went into the boat layout and how efficiently all of the stops and setting up and breaking down camp went. All this made it surprisingly comfortable and relaxing. Again, awesome trip." -- Kevin and Shelby T.

"Last day, with really is the only bad thing about the whole trip. I would swim back from New Zealand for another opportunity to do this wonderful river. But one thing: make sure you look after your guides. They are as precious as the canyon they love." -- Tim M.

"Loved everything about the trip. The hike in and Phantom Ranch and every site, hike, and camp. The guides made it all work. Thanks Jake, Kolby, Jamie, and Ethan. Their attitude and LOVE of the Canyon shows. Loved the stories and geology lessons. The sense of community was a lovely bonus. Thanks for every thing." --Christy M.

"Awesome trip. I had never camped and was nervous. I had a great time. I felt at home with the staff like they are my brothers. Can't believe the things we saw." -- Sarah G.

"Awesome trip. The guides made this trip happen! Loved and appreciated their knowledge, humor, and the safety of taking care of us. Lots of great stories when not hiking or swimming. This trip taught me more about myself in a week than any I could imagine...all because of Jamie, Kolby, Jake and Ethan keeping what this experience is all about! Love you guys." -- Judy C.

"We wanted a honeymoon trip that we would never forget and we sure got one. Thanks for making our introduction to Grand Canyon so memorable and smooth. The memories will be with both of us forever!" -- Steve and Sarah G.

"Before I left for this trip, I had friends back home saying they would pray for me, and they looked worried. That, plus the fact that I had to sign all those papers freeing you of any liability in case something happened, had me a little nervous and worried. That worrying was all for nothing because the crew made all those rapids look easy. Very professional crew and great food. Had a great time but I am ready for a bath/shower." -- Faye F.

"Thank you for looking after us. Taking care of our needs meant we were able to stay sharp and alert. The leadership skills from the outset set a platform of security and respect. Jake and Jamie and Kolby were excellent storytellers and they generously shared their passion as skilled boatmen who love this Canyon. [They] are suited to this place -- they have big hearts and no egos. Their gags made this trip fantastic. It ain't glamping, but I am pleased it was so basic, as only when those red ants are nibbling away, the sand is blowing in your face by the unwelcome hot wind and the stars are smiling, I felt the force of nature pulling at my heart. Wonderful trip -- the guides are my stars." -- Helen R.

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  1. I just cried reading all the wonderful comments. This was such an emotional experience.
    I hope more people take this trip.