Tuesday, July 3, 2012

River Trip Comments: June 24/25, 2012 All the Grand, Upper Grand and Best of the Grand with Phantom Ranch

Grand Canyon river trip cooking -- no wonder they call our river guides chefs!
"You gave a family of 12 a super vacation and the services, food, congeniality made a memory neve to be forgotten. We also thank you for not throwing any of us overboard. Perhaps not quite the Lewis and Clark of former years, but we will boast back in the 'world' of being intrepid adventurers." -- David and Janice B.

"What a fantastic trip! When I went down the Canyon in 1977, I thought that trip could not be matched, but it was, by a long shot. Getting to see my children enjoy everything along the river, the rapids, that osprey catch the trout, the Little Colorado, and all the interaction with the crew -- it was priceless! Thank you Brandon, Jason, Justin, and Drew -- you guys were what made this trip what it was. You're the best!" -- Russell B.

"Thank you Brandon, Jason, Justin, and Drew for making a most wonderful transformative trip down the Colorado River. My kids and I were a little scared, and it is because of your kindness, humor, and professionalism that we had the most wonderful, magical time! We were so lucky to experience and appreciate Grand Mother Nature at her best with you all shepherding us through with JOY! Evermore thanks! You've changed a family for the better. Keep it up! With great admiration and affection -- and laughs." -- Darra B.

"Thank you for a spectacular family vacation along the 280-mile long Grand Canyon. Our two boys will have memories to last a lifetime. Brandon (Trip Leader) and Drew became 'idols' to the boys. A true testament to a successful trip is our boys wanted to become 'boatmen' when they grow up. Jason was fabulous and very accommodating during our day rides. He entertained us and was a wealth of knowledge. Justin is a tremendous worker and an all-around great boatman. Drew, the 'class clown', livened up the group during his evening serenades and storytelling. And last but not least is Brandon. Words can't describe him. He is fabulous and a top-notch boatman. His passion for his job is evident in his knowledge [of the Canyon]. His demeanor was always positive, and safety was his number one priority! That was the most important and treasured quality of a true boatman. The second most important quality is his storytelling. My boys, and us, learned so much about the Grand Canyon that cannot be learned by classroom textbooks. We are leaving the Canyoneers trip with a huge respect for the Grand Canyon and the explorers who ventured out in the early expeditions. The outdoor living for a week was tremendously humbling and gave us all an appreciation for the lives we live. The entire team was always working and carrying the heavy lifting to make our trip enjoyable. They are truly the reason that made this 7-day trip a huge success! Thank you for the memories, the quality family time, the experience -- it was amazing -- both good and bad -- all amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you." -- Shane, Barbara, Eric, and Ryan B.

"The Best of the Grand with Phantom Ranch was just that -- the best. Starting with David, who guided us down the Bright Angel Trail, to Brandon, Drew, Justin, and Jason, who showed their skill and expertise in taking us down the river. All of the guides were hard working and willing to do what it took to make this a memorable trip for us all." -- Cody V. 

Cooking supper on the beach, 2010. Notice the mesh nets underneath the tables to catch any food scraps and so keep the beach clean.
"Grand adventure at its best. The professional staff and delicious food were only surpassed by the beauty of the Canyon! Each day was special -- loved not only the rapids but the side trips were a treat! An experience our family will not forget. Thanks!" -- Cheryl C.

"This trip far exceeded any and all of my expectations! All of the crew were terrific, professional, and accommodating at all times. Would always recommend Canyoneers. Thanks for a most memorable trip for our family." -- Ken C.

Contributed by Steve Krieg, Canyoneers Reservations Assistant

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