Tuesday, August 14, 2012

River Trip Comments: August 5-11 All the Grand, Upper Grand, Best of the Grand

Wading lower Havasu Creek's famous turquoise waters in lower Grand Canyon
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The crew were: Drew Houser (Trip Leader), John Crowley (Pilot), Cliff Ghiglieri (Guide), Omar Martinez-Lezama (Guide), Ethan Dyer (Guide), and David Cassidy (Hike In/Out Guide).

"A great adventure. Surpassed my expectations. Wonderful memories, beyond the excitement of the rapids: full moon risings, enthralling hikes. Drew and crew were great guides, hosts, and entertainers. Look forward to the next one!" -- David M.

"Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure. A great escape from the world -- magical hikes -- truly amazing." -- Briony W.

"Thank you, Canyoneers, for the trip of my dreams! I had no idea how moving this experience would be. If I'd known that around every bend would await heart-stopping beauty and unforgettable grandeur, I would have come to this river, and the rocky palace it flows through, sooner! Normally, blisters, scratches, sunburns received at the beach, on the golf course, or in other leisurely pursuits are annoyances. But here they are reminders of a blue heron on the wing, a peregrine falcon gliding above the river, and an unconformity that boggles the mind. But enough about beauty and majestic views. Let's talk about people.

The crew were F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C. Drew is a born leader -- was surprised to learn this was his first time leading a trip. But the way the crew all worked together to make sure our safety and comfort were paramount was terrific. They were all unfailingly calm, competent, kind, respectful, and showed great good humor and patience. Without them I wouldn't have been able to enjoy this trip as much as I did. You guys rocked." -- Anne S.

"I have not slept well in over a week, there is dirt and oil ground into the scalp, my nails are shredded, my feet are aching, my husband smells and if I have to hear him complain about his back for one more day I might scream. Yet none of this matters because we just had the best trip we've ever experienced, anywhere. The beauty, awesome power of nature and magnificence of the Grand Canyon was enough to blow our expectations out of the water.

However, the crew we had brought everything together to seamlessly amplify all of our experiences. Drew, thank you for helping me hike when I was really scared. Cliff, thank you for stimulating my mind with all your knowledge of the Canyon, the desert, and sciences. John, I'd never jump your ship -- and if I had to I am confident you'd fish me out! Omar, all inspirational, my friend!" -- Jennifer T.

"I did the lower Grand last year and it was an unbelievable experience for me -- spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I couldn't wait to come back. I really can't put my experience of the Canyon into words, as I came by myself this year and did the full Grand. The crew were incredible. I had some difficulties and they were supportive and attentive to my needs. The crew were very professional, kept safety a priority and made the trip a fun, educational and adventuresome experience. We could not have been with a better crew. Drew was an excellent leader. Food was fantastic again. It was another magical experience for me. I would highly recommend Canyoneers to everyone!" -- Mary Lou R.

"Before I arrived here I was a lone wolf. There was just one in my wolf pack. Me. But now there are 26 more in my wolf pack. I am no longer a lone wolf. 

This trip was unbelievable! Everything I witnessed was far beyond my imagination. The Canyon is an incredible place full of hidden gems. Some of the places like Deer Creek were incredible; I don't think I have ever appreciated somewhere so much.

I got to meet great people who were both fascinating and funny. All of the guides were great and very professional. There is no doubt that I will return within the next few years..." -- Mark M.

"We came on this trip to hopefully experience a beautiful break from our busy city lifestyles and experience one of the greatest wonders of the world. You guys helped turn this into one of the greatest trips of our lives! You kept things fun and entertaining, while instilling confidence in your abilities to navigate through this wonderful place safely. The food was well prepared and delicious, the rapids were fantastic, and the guitar playing added the perfect touch. It truly felt like we were blessed with the best the Canyon has to offer." -- Kevin and Krista

"This trip was fantastic. At first I was unsure, not knowing the exact itinerary and how things were going to play out. But as things unfolded it got better and better. The crew was unbelievable! All were very professional and extremely hard workers. I want to thank them for making even the boring stuff really fun and light-hearted.

The hikes and side trips were amazing. Drew couldn't have picked three better spots. We were always first there and got to go to all the best areas, all thanks to Drew and the crew. Couldn't have been a better group, crew, or trip. Thanks so much!" -- Rees B.

"The trip was fantastic. Having done the lower portion in 1992 and having hiked all over the Canyon (I'm a Grand Canyon addict), I felt I knew what to expect and this trip did not disappoint. The 7-day canyon trip was simply wonderful, with the great and professional crew, the delicious meals, the magnificent scenery, exciting rapids, and most enjoyable hikes. I will highly recommend Canyoneers and I hope to return again." -- Tom S. 

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