Monday, July 7, 2014

Canyoneers' comments from happy passengers!!

8 June 2014, Upper Canyon with Phantom Ranch

How was your experience with the outfitter?

Canyoneers did an exceptional job.  We really enjoyed every moment of the trip.  The accommodations were great, the food and snacks were excellent and plentiful, the boat ride was incredible.  We would especially like to praise our four guides - John, Ethan, Cliff, and Greg/nurse (??).  They were all responsible, personable, capable, and appreciated.  The guide who walked out with us (Greg??/nurse) was very patient and kind.  It was his first time doing this for Canyoneers and we thought he did an excellent job.

What were some highlights of your adventure?

This trip was my entire bucket list.  My goal was to learn about the geology of Grand Canyon first hand.  Every mile of the boat ride accomplished my mission.  I was fascinated.  We also really enjoyed the side trips - a walk up to a waterfall, body rafting the Little Colorado, and visiting an archeological site.  We loved the nights out under the stars.  We also truly enjoyed the other people on our trip.  It is hard to choose highlights.  The whole trip was a highlight of my life.

Very sincerely,

Bruce and Gail Wortmann

11 May 2014, Full Canyon 7 day trip

We had a fantastic time ...    Loved the crew - Brandon, Mia, Leo, Tom and Justin were extremely helpful, courteous, and took great care of us.   They knew we were on this trip to have a great time, and they fulfilled that dream.    Our group (the 9 yellow bandits- mostly from MN) was extremely happy to be on the WHITE rafts.   We liked the set up, it was comfortable, and we could move around, dance, sing,  and have a great time while on our vacation.   The food prepared was fantastic- we were prepared for dehydrated soup and eggs, lol.   Happy that we were allowed to bring along adult beverages and we had plenty of room in our packs so it really was not an issue.     We feel there were lifetime friendships made on our boat with the other guests and hope to arrange other adventures with them in the future.  

The highlights were definitely the rapids-  even getting stuck on Hans Falls was a memory.   Brandon was quite the captain- pulled us out of that one and only went through 1 prop (that day). 

We also loved the hikes - stopping at Phantom Ranch, body surfing on the Little Colorado, walking back into the Blue Pools of Havasupai were all great highlights.   Eating lunch back in on the trail and all of the waterfalls were a perfect refresher on a hot summer day.     We had FULL MOON the entire week, it was beautiful!   Each night it was different because of how it shone on the canyon walls.   Some nights it was like a spot light and other nights we could see the veins in the rock walls.   The bats were really cool to watch at night, they were very busy and kept us clear of flies and sqeeters.   The guides were very knowledgeable about the rock formations, the tall tales of the Canyon, and we loved the reading library on board.  

We highly recommend this trip for everyone that wants to get away, see a part of the Grand Canyon that you can only experience by water.   Leave your technology and stress behind you and bring an open sense of adventure!    I believe we coined the phrase -  "We survived more rapids before 9 a.m. then most people do in a life time!!"   

Thank you again!

The Donnays, The Peipos, and the Landrevilles

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