Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Canyoneers is proud to have hosted the Winnetka IL Boy Scout Troop 20 for the 5th time! 

This is a dynamic Scout troop that is "focused on bringing a great scouting experience to our boys, helping the boys become men, having fun, learning and advancing through the scout ranks.  There are lots of high-energy boys in the troop.  Our leaders and parents are active participants, and our activities are cool, fun and a great experience for boys age 11-18."

Canyoneers is also proud to say that one of our guides and new trip leader, Justin Boyce, is a Troop 20 alumni!

Here are some comments from this year's trip participants.

"Another great trip on the Colorado (my fifth) through the canyon -- it only gets better with each passing! ... only compliments to our great crew - Justin, Amity, Tom, & Leah. And a great reunion between Boy Scout Troop 20 and its alumnus Justin!"  John Maurus (Troop Leader)

"I felt safe running the rapids because I knew there was a well trained crew at the helm."  Liam Erst, 15

"This was my first camping trip ever! The Grand Canyon is absolutely beautiful - more than what I could have thought. ...Thanks to everyone for a great time." Julie Erst (parent)

"This trip was an amazing experience. The crew were very nice, professional, and knowledgeable about the river. ...Lastly, the crew were great cooks!  Peter Schuldt. 15

"I attended Troop 20 Canyoneers trip 4 years ago and came away with the conviction that I needed to return with each of my sons (my oldest came on the first trip.) After such a wonderful first experience, I wasn't expecting to have an even better time on my 2nd visit but I did. ...One of my friends told me 'go make some memories.' My son & I have a chest full of great ones from this trip! Bob Vorwald (parent)

"I was really frightened at the start by the rapids and the heights would have terrified me. I felt a lot safer with my very funny and professional guides and they encouraged me to go up and concur my fear of heights. ...and I am also astounded that I took over 2,000 pictures! I loved the canyon and I really enjoyed the guides."  Frank Ryan, 12

"My son was a bit apprehensive at first about the trip, but all of his concerns quickly fell by the wayside as we left Lee's Ferry and the guides oriented us to the trip. Overall, I can't imagine a trip going any better, and much of that is due to the professionalism and talents of the guides. Thanks for taking care of us and ensuring a lifetime of memories."  Skip Shade (parent)

"I had never seen or been in the Grand Canyon before this trip. Now it is my favorite natural landmark all thank to the unbelievable crew. ...the quality and quantity of information was far beyond  any of our expectations. I have nothing but respect and awe in regards to the whole trip. Thank you for making my summer, year, and decade."  Tom Lanphier, 17

"This is my first time in the river. I had a great experience. Would definitely do it again and would recommend it to friends. My two kids had a great trip."  Hector Hernandaz (parent)

"This was an amazing trip! ...This trip will stay with me forever."  Jaime Snyder, 14

"...loved all of your knowledge of everything history & geology sharing it with us. The double rainbow & shooting stars, and staying up late talking with Peter, my son. We hope to return - I loved being a 'boy scout.' Thank  you for sharing your passion with us."  Kim Chatain (parent)

"Thank  you to the crew. I liked when Tom took us scorpion hunting it was really fun and cool!"  Joe Filip, 13

"In all the places I had traveled and on all the different trips I have taken, this Grand Canyon trip tops them all."  Michael Vorwald, 15

"Thank you for taking us down the river and keeping us safe. It was very pretty and fun to do it."  Tommy Filip, 13

"This trip is a 'must' for our family. Our older boys came with the first Canyoneers Troop 20 expedition John Maurus organized and made it clear it was something we all had to do. ...The crew and Canyoneers as an outfit do an outstanding job of balancing the elements of the trip & a diverse group of trip members to make it safe, enjoyable, and keep everyday fresh. I am totally impressed by the skills of the crew on all fronts- life/safety, mechanics, outdoorsmanship, geology & biology, schlepping - and personal engagement & management. ... Thanks for all - I am truly grateful."  Penny Lanphier (parent)

Thank you Troop 20! See you in 2016!!

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