Tuesday, September 2, 2014

24/25 August 2014

"First wilderness experience for us -- amazing!" Canyoneers is in great hands. We loved it!" Pat & Bruce Haines 

"Exceeded my expectations! ...Will definitely recommend Canyoneers to everyone!" Evie Cowles

"How appreciative we are to have this opportunity to experience the Grand Canyon in such a close-up and personal way. This trip with Canyoneers will not be forgotten in our lifetime." Bruce & Sylvia Wilson

"Justin, Leo, Kolby, & Dave - You all are "da Bomb!" Kay Cross

"This was a great and eye-opening experience for this city girl." Ann Draper

"I was amazed at the efficiency of the crew. They kept the trip on an enjoyable pace and provided us with incredible meals." Roy Draper

"This is the best experience I have ever in US. Great staff, great guests, great food. Thank you Canyoneers." Tomo & Mikiko Fujimoto

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  1. “One the Best Adventures….EVER!!! Hiking Bright Angel, Staying at Phantom Ranch, and Rafting the Grand…Thank You Greg, Justin, Leo, Kolby, & Dave for a Great Trip. Canyoneers Rock!!!! …That is All” Chaz Draper