Monday, April 13, 2015

2015 Preseason Prep

Each year just prior to our first trip, Canyoneers holds a staff meeting and crew orientation. It is a fun packed weekend of information and training. It is a time for everyone to get acquainted with the new crew, to review company policies, to gain new information for our interpretationprograms, a review of the shop work and safety procedures, etc.
Saturday we had several presentations. A lot of good history as well as discussion of current Grand Canyon issues.
Gaylord Staveley showed two short news clips from the 1940s of rafting in the Grand Canyon. What a treat!
Richard Quartaroli gave us the history of the "big rigs" in the Grand Canyon.
Brian Keeley presented a fascinating talk on bats! Who knew there were 28 different species of bats in Arizona alone?!?
Trip leaders Amity Collins and Justin Boyce and guides Omar Martinez and David Cassidy gave a review of the upper river portion of the Grand Canyon River Guides river training session.
Sunday the crew received training on pretrip passenger orientation, hiking guide requirements, tour of the company shop and work area, and a review of the "behind the scene" work required to make each trip through the canyon the trip of a lifetime! Safety procedures are emphasized — for both in the shop and on the river.
All in all it was a great weekend and Canyoneers crew and staff are excited and anxious to start another fabulous Grand Canyon Colorado River season!!
See you on the river!!!

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