Thursday, July 2, 2015

Meet Greg Reiff, Canyoneers guide and owner of the "Sandra"...

I became a river guide because of my family history and connection to the river industry as my grandfather Norm Nevills started the first commercial Grand Canyon, Colorado river company in 1938 - Nevills Expedition.  Personally, I am a third generation Grand Canyon, Colorado river runner and rowed my first inflatable  boat on the San Juan river in Utah  at age 8.  At the age of 15 in 1981 I started working commercially as a swamper on the Colorado River with Canyoneers Inc.  Eventually I went on to work as a river guide on the Snake, Salt and Verde Rivers as well as having boated on over 25 different rivers in 8 different states.   Currently, I row the original restored 1947 Sandra which is an original Nevills wooden Cataract boat.  The Sandra  is named after my mother Sandra Nevills Reiff (Norm Nevills daughter).  It is an honor to work for Gay and Joy Staveley and Canyoneers Inc. and I look forward to many more years of river running with Canyoneers Inc.

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