Thursday, September 10, 2015


It was a great pleasure to have met you, albeit for a short time, on this great journey through the natural wonder called Grand Canyon.  I had seen the canyon many times before from the rim, but this trip through the Canyoneers gave me a whole new perspective on it's true majesty. Congratulations to you, Michelle and Alex to make it out of the canyon in five hours flat!  

Yours and Gayloard's dedication and love exuberates  through your staff such as Justin, Amanda and Ashley.  Even though Ashley is not a staff member of Canyoneers, those three went out of their way to make this trip truly a memorable one.  One moment that truly captures their love and dedication is the fifth day of the camp when we had heavy downpour combined with close proximity lightning.  Justin kept on on cooking steaks under pretty bad conditions, while Amanda helped everyone put up the tents in heavy downpour and Ashley delivered a heaping plate full of food to everyone's tent with a lot of lightening close by in the area. I would have been more than happy with nuts and M&M's that night, but your staff risked their own safety to ensure that all of us were well fed.  Besides that, their knowledge of geology, history, skills and overall great demeanor made this trip especially unforgettable for all of us.

I am a firm believer of Canyoneers!  Perhaps we can all go on a full trip again in a couple of years when my boys graduate from college.

Anyways, attached is our group photo before you, Michelle and Alex parted way!  I really would have loved to have all of you for the entire seven days.  I do not have Michelle's or Alex's email, so please forward this email to them.

Take care!


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