Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dear Owner of Canyoneers,

What a fabulous experience we had last week. This was due to several facts - our team lead and pilot, Justin, was the best. His experience and passion for his job and his love for the Grand Canyon was seen each day and we knew we were in excellent hands. David was also excellent. He brought the stories of the Grand Canyon to life and, again, was committed to his role on the boat and did a masterful job. The two of them managed to deal with an entire group of women and that was probably no easy feat!  Their primary focus was safety and this was much appreciated, as we were novices on this type of trip. Their attention to detail was great, they (along with John and Leo in the other boat) were outstanding chefs!  We had hoped to have shed a few pounds on the trip, but that was not the case!

This was really a once in a lifetime experience. I had wanted to do this trip since I heard my Dad's stories when he returned from a trip down the Canyon in the early 1970s!  For our trip last week, I reached out to all my friends to see if they'd like to join me on my "retirement adventure" (as I just retired at the end of 2015) and they did!  No doubt, the word will spread about this fantastic trip!

Again, a huge thank you to Justin and David and to the Canyoneers team for an exciting, memorable and awesome adventure!

With thanks,
Nancy Simpson
Markham, Ontario, Canada

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