Tuesday, May 3, 2016

To the Canyoneers Staff,

I can’t begin to tell you how special the rafting trip down the Grand Canyon was to me and our group.
Our pilot Brandon Green and his crew of Jason and Tomas helped to make this a trip of a life time for everyone on board.

We don’t know how they could have improved on anything except maybe the weather and the sand!
Food was delicious, I learned so much about the history of the Canyon and Brandon handled the boat
like we were riding in a Mercedes!!

We never once felt uneasy or afraid as we knew that our crew were experienced and really cared about
our safety and enjoyment.

We will certainly tell all my friends that this trip should be on their bucket list and that they must go
with Canyoneers.

Our group put together a poem that we shared on talent night, and we would like to share it with you.

Ode To The Grand Canyon and the Canyoneers
By:  Karen, Alix and The Canadians (Diane, Marilyn & Sherry)

When Karen called and asked me to do a trip down the Colorado River on a raft,
I thought the woman was truly daft.
After thinking about about it, I decided to go.
The raft was motorized and I didn’t have to row.

We arrived at the river on Saturday with fear and trepidation, after our
orientation with a fine young man named Jason.

Through wind, rain and sand we did roam
and all I wanted to do was go home!

We formed a line to empty the boat - Kitchen first - over the moat.
Tents, chairs, dry bags, ammo boxes and especially wine to compliment our fine dine.

The Grand Duke comes ashore with always a view.
Pee in the bucket and use it for pooh.

The Lava Falls brought out their colourful clothes.
Jason took the helm and that day joined the pros.

Tomas knew the flowers, birds and bees, and was definitely able to identify all the trees.

There was not a rapid to fear as we knew our pilot, Brandon could steer.
River left, river right he always kept the rocks in sight.

If people tell me they saw the Canyon from the top, I would smile to myself and think “ NOT”.
The Colorado River from below is a trip of a lifetime, few will know.

I would be remiss not to mention last night.
When our camp almost was blown out of sight.
We looked in the morning to check on the boat and were happy to see it was still a float.
In this groups good natured manner we set off to sail.
Knowing there was a hell of a tale to tell.

I finally became the river man I always wanted to be, for now I, too , can stand up and pee!

On the good ship Filamena
stories, snacks and lots of scenia
And the passengers pray,
can’t we just have a sunny day!

Hope you enjoyed the above.
We certainly loved our trip and your staff of Brandon, Jason and Tomas were amazing.

Best regards,

Sherry Steele (For Karen Anderson, Alix Morin, Diane Weir and Marilyn Copeland)

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